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Respect & Appreciation

These 2 words describe Bev’s values approach to coaching.

Respect: You have to respect yourself and others in order to be the best version of yourself. Are you feeling like respect is lacking in your life? Do you feel unheard, undervalued and underappreciated? This can leave you stuck and unable to move forward.

Appreciation: It’s hard to appreciate your unique gifts when you feel underappreciated by others. Once self-respect is restored, you can use the positive energy towards appreciating your strengths, the strengths of others and collaborating in a way that increases personal effectiveness, productivity and engagement.

If you feel unheard, undervalued, underappreciated – what is it costing you … in time, in energy, in performance?

Is your true potential being artificially constrained or even worse…stopped up completely? When is the last time you received a genuine, heartfelt thank you?

Being in this situation can cause your self-confidence to suffer. You become ever more uncertain and tentative and you know what? This just feeds the very thing that is causing you to be undervalued in the first place. It can even impact your physical health!

It can seem like a vicious circle, until you find the courage to do something about it.

Are you?

  • An HR Professional?
  • In Information Tech?
  • A project manager?
  • In the service industry?

Or perhaps:

  • A front-line leader in an operations environment?

Or even:

  • A parent, spouse or caregiver?

Are you feeling like respect and appreciation is lacking in your life?

The Courage to Rebuild Respect & Appreciation

Vigour Coaching is a personal and professional development firm that works with people, just like you, who are over worked and feeling a lack of appreciation and respect in their lives.

As a Coach, I support, encourage and challenge you to discover what you can do to “take the keys” back from whomever is holding them over you. It’s your life, your career, your experience…shouldn’t you be driving?

Work with me and together we can help you “own it”. Get the respect you deserve. And be honestly appreciated for the contribution you make and the potential you offer. It’s time.

Explore this further by scheduling a 30-minute complimentary personal strategy session with Bev