Keeping a Positive Perspective Through Change

Keeping a Positive Perspective Through Change

In times of uncertainty and change, it is easy to have more negative than positive thoughts, especially when emotions come into play. Everyone chooses how they will react to situations, and once you react negatively, it is difficult to remove yourself from the negative spiral of thoughts and switch to a more positive way of thinking.

Maintaining a Positive Mindset
I have personally been trying to keep this positive mindset over the past several weeks, and it has been challenging at times. My family and I are going through an incredible amount of change right now — with our upcoming move to Calgary this summer. After 5 years in Fort McMurray, we are selling our house, looking for a new place to live in Calgary and also helping Baba (my Mom) sell her house in Flin Flon to move to Calgary to live with us.

Be Grateful and Remain Excited
If I start to think of all the individual aspects of this change I start to feel overwhelmed and what seems to help me get through this is focusing on the positives that are ahead in this journey. It is only human to feel mixed emotions at times of change, to be sad for what you are leaving behind while wanting to be positive about the future. Embracing a positive perspective has me reflecting on our time in Fort McMurray, and the life experiences that we gained here that we would have missed if we stayed in Ontario. This allows me to be grateful for where I am today and excited about the opportunities that are ahead for us.

I have to think of the positive; that's how I cope. - quote by Ingrid Newkirk

Positivity is Infectious
One belief about positivity that I have always held is that people want to be around positive people. Positive people give you energy, while negative people sap your energy. When you are in a negative place, there is the saying that “misery loves company,” and I have definitely spent some time there. I think that is okay, as long as you don’t decide to camp out there for too long, and get back to finding the positive in what’s ahead.

Something positive that I am grateful for is that summer is here and the days are getting longer (it’s 10:40 pm in Fort McMurray and still light outside). Longer summer days means there is more time to enjoy life. I am going to take a break from my blog over the summer months and want to leave you with some questions to reflect upon.

  • What positive memories do you want to create for you and your loved ones this summer?
  • How can this summer be different, and better than any other summer?

I hope your summer is filled with creating new, wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Summer and see you in September!
All the Best,

p.s. As in all of my blog posts, I like to reference research and books from thought-leaders on the subject, and this time I had trouble narrowing down my search. The topic of keeping a positive perspective has me interested in exploring several areas such as: positive psychology, mindfulness, gratitude and emotional intelligence. There is one book on my bookshelf that I have been meaning to read for a while titled: “Positive Intelligence,” written by Shirzad Chamine that I plan to read it this summer. I am looking for recommendations from others so please share any books related to these topics that you have found particularly impactful.



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