Client Testimonials

Here are some of the kind words Bev’s clients have said about their coaching experience: 

Bev is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Having worked with Bev previously I was excited to see she had brought together her experience, down to earth style and energy to Vigour Coaching. I didn't hesitate to reach out when I wanted to take my leadership and personal development to the next level.

Bev supported me taking loose goals and desires and molding them into concrete actions. In our sessions she helped provide the structure and accountability for me to push myself to new directions.

Key to this was how comfortable she made me feel. She is a great listener, supportive, candid, and provides healthy debate to my decision making and thinking. I enjoyed that she was able to mix theory and practical application to make everything highly actionable. She was very flexible to work with, doing our sessions across a couple of time zones via Skype and phone. I'm grateful for the coaching and support I received from Bev!

Christopher J.

Bev is an outstanding coach and has provided valuable insights for both my career and personal development over the past two and a half years.  Her ability to ask the right questions, to listen and to provide suggestions for action has helped lead me to greater success.  Bev has supported me with the tools needed to work through challenging business situations, as well as to develop my team.  On a personal level, she has helped me gain clarity, set goals and implement strategies to achieve those goals.  I always leave our sessions feeling energized with new ideas, knowledge and direction.  Bev's sincere approach, strong business acumen and depth of experience add tremendous value to our work together.  I highly recommend Bev and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.

Kathy S.

Talking to Bev always makes me feel inspired, energetic and with more clear direction of my career.  Her genuine personality, innovative out-of-box thinking and personable but action oriented coaching style and approach really impresses me every time we spoke.  In the past 2 years, I have gone through an interesting career makeover, and Bev has been an incredible coach to guide me through every step.  She is a visionary business woman with great instincts and the right actionable approach to help me achieve my goals. I highly recommend Bev’s service and feel very honoured to know her and have the opportunity to work with her as my coach.

Hua Y.

Being a young professional starting out in my HR career my coaching sessions with Bev helped me to examine my career choice and more importantly my career path which eventually guided me in a critical choice I was faced with making (which was the right one by the way!).  I always felt like I was someone who was relatively in tune with myself however our sessions helped me to recognize and define some ‘feelings’ I had not been able to put a finger on before which was so powerful when I came to recognize that some of those ‘feelings’ had actually had a negative impact on me in terms of choices I made and actions I took. When you are negative and insecure you forget about your strengths and accomplishments and from my coaching sessions with Bev I was forced (literally) to identify, recognize and celebrate my strengths and from there that I could rely on my strengths to succeed and build my confidence.  It was also extremely helpful to have a highly skilled and experienced HR professional as my coach because Bev not only understood the world I was coming from but in our sessions there was a mentorship in that the questions that were posed, the strategies that were offered, the thought process that was invoked, it was all beneficial to my growth, development and performance as a HR professional….and to the other roles I play in life as well.

Lisa A.

I reached out to Bev for coaching before I knew she had opened a practice. We had previously worked together and I had always admired her maturity, professionalism and sense of humour. I was thrilled to learn that she became a professional coach and knew that she would be very successful. Her coaching style of gently asking the tough questions allowed me to be self-reflective and really get to the heart of what I believe were my areas of opportunity. I truly believe that her coaching allowed me to unleash the potential I had yet to realize. I highly recommend Bev as a coach for professionals in any field.

Kari P.

I found Bev through mutual acquaintances and started to see her as a Life Coach at a low period of my both my professional and personal life.  I was at a crossroads with very low self-esteem, overweight and physically and mentally not well.  I put up a good exterior but the paint was peeling off the surface. Not myself at all. Working with Bev through a variety of communication styles that worked for us, in person, electronically and over the telephone she helped me to see the brighter and better side of reality.  She helped me through some dark days and now I am back to the old me. The me my husband married. I am not sure I would have made it unscathed if not for Bev.  She was my light at the end of the tunnel. Helping me to find the way.

I would recommend Bev to anyone seeking guidance, a person who actively listens and then helps you to find your way.  If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, this is not Bev, but if you are seeking guidance to find the path back from a person that hears you and understands what you need even when you do not, then Bev is the coach for you.

Bonnie M.